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CRN-I’s eighth symposium

Healthy Aging, the Natural Consequences of Good Nutrition

Berlin, Germany
2 December 2017

2017 Symposium Speaker Bio | RETURN TO AGENDA

Dan Belsky, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University, U.S.

Dan Belsky is Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine. Dan’s research is concerned with addressing the challenge of health inequalities in aging in the United States and globally. His work spans biomedical, behavioral, and social sciences, and genomics. With support from the US National Institute on Aging, Dan is investigating methods to measure the biological processes of human aging, with a special focus on methods that can be applied in individuals who are still relatively young and free of age-related disease. Ultimately, these methods will advance efforts to monitor population and patient health and to evaluate health policies. In the shorter-term, Dan is working to translate measures of biological aging to evaluate so-called geroprotective interventions that aim to extend healthy years of life by slowing biological processes of aging. With support from Jacobs Foundation, Dan is working to understand how genetic differences between individuals shape trajectories of life-course development and how genes and environments combine to shape outcomes from childhood to late life. The goal of this research is to develop environmental interventions to promote healthy life-course development for everyone, regardless of their genetic background.