Scientific Resources

Every year since its inception in 2010, CRN-I’s symposia proceedings have been published, putting CRN-I on record for bringing scientifically-grounded considerations on essential nutrients and bioactives.

Also from the CRN-I archives:

See CRN-I Symposia Proceedings with Translations


In addition, CRN-I has published the following additional papers, listed below, and offers translations from its Vitamin and Mineral Safety handbook.


Toxicology Letters

Development of a Consensus Approach for Botanical Safety Evaluation—A Roundtable Report


The Toxicologist

Development of a Consensus Approach for Botanical Safety Evaluation 


International Carotenoids Conference

Extending the DRIs to Bioactives: Is Lutein Ready for the Major Leagues?


Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology

Bioactive Nutrients Time for Tolerable Upper Intake Levels to Address Safety 


Journal of Functional Foods

The Emerging Global Phenomenon of Sarcopenic Obesity: Role of Functional Foods


European Journal of Nutrition 

Dietary Guidance for Lutein: Consideration for Intake Recommendations is Scientifically Supported


Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology

Assessing Natural Product-Drug Interactions: An End-to-End Safety Framework 


The Toxicologist

Assessing Potential Herb-Drug Interactions: Need for a Common Framework Approach 

Isoflavone Exposure Has No Effect on Breast Cell Proliferation or Apoptosis in Healthy Women or Breast Cancer Patients 

Lack of Toxicity of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids, EPA and DHA 


The FASEB Journal

The need for a DRI-like process for bioactives; Rethinking the essential nutrient paradigm