2021 Fall Webinar Series
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CRN-I 2021 Webinar Series

WholeFoods Magazine: CRN-I Article Points to the Necessity of Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Science-based policy: targeted nutrition for all ages and the role of bioactives’ webinar series proceedings published in European Journal of Nutrition

Public health goals should aim to alleviate or at least ameliorate the scourges of debilitating health as one approaches the limit of our species lifespan. Learn more in the newly-published article (August 2021).

The CRN-I mission

CRN-I’s mission is to provide science-based information to regulators, health care professionals and the media, particularly those outside the United States, supporting the safety and benefit of dietary ingredients and dietary/food supplements, and to promote sound nutrition and food safety policies well-grounded in science.