2024 Symposium:

Nutrition is (Preventive) Medicine:
Optimizing Nutrition to Increase Healthspan

Maritim Hotel, Dresden, Germany, prior to CCNFSDU44

2023 Symposium Publication:

Advancing nutrition science
to meet evolving global health needs

Poor and suboptimal nutrition is a global issue that affects a significant portion of the population, particularly preschool children, and women of reproductive age. This report from the CRN-I 2023 scientific symposium in Düsseldorf, with abstract translations in 10 languages, explores the role of nutrition in optimizing human health, including the importance of choline, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) replenishment in neurodegenerative diseases, and the xanthophyll carotenoids.

Read more in CRN’s press release: CRN-International Announces New Publication Identifying Global Nutrient Gaps

June 2022: European Journal of Nutrition publication

Experts provide recommendations for improvement of current entitlement programs that will address accessibility and other social and environmental issues to support women properly throughout the lifecycle, following CRN-I’s 2021 webinar series.

CRN-I 2021 Webinar Series

The CRN-I mission

CRN-I’s mission is to provide science-based information to regulators, health care professionals and the media, particularly those outside the United States, supporting the safety and benefit of dietary ingredients and dietary/food supplements, and to promote sound nutrition and food safety policies well-grounded in science.